Best Partners
With thousands of independent contractors and training companies providing learning products and services, how do you select the best partner to meet your organization's specific training needs?
Let us assist you in identifying and selecting the best training company to become your valued business partner.  Our experienced staff will work with you to clearly define your business challenge and to formulate an effective learning solution.  We use proven practices and processes along with our extensive knowledge of the corporate training industry to help you make the right decision on a training partner allowing you to realize measurable value from your training initiatives.  Typically, our advisory services are offered on a complimentary basis to corporations.  
Complimentary Consulting Services
 Analyze business goals
Align goals with training initiatives
Discuss learning solution options
Establish performance metrics
Confer on pricing models
Identify partner attributes
Facilitate partner relationships    
Best Training Companies
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Find the Best People & Partners for Achieving Learning Excellence
We have thoroughly reviewed the capabilities and business practices of numerous training companies and have established partner relationships with several leading organizations that provide a variety of excellent learning products and services.
Our Best Training Companies partners provide best-in-class learning products and services.  Let us connect you with the partner that can deliver learning excellence to your employees, customers or extended enterprise.